I Quit Everything

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I began to hate it

Things start to lose meaning after a while and I have to admit things can be boring when you have to constantly try to do it because it has become an obligation. I also ran out of ideas and the biggest part is the fact that I procrastinated so much that time passed by and I still didn’t seem to get anything done. Be it school, work or blogging. I wanted to quit and I actually did quit, but I had to try again. I had to go back to the real reason I started all this and after doing some inner soul searching I can finally say I am sort of back on the scene.



Late Night Thoughts.

Life & Motivation, Main

IMG_3957.JPG  So I’m awake.

For the first time I am not in a fearful place in my mind, I can finally embrace “myself”. I just finished doing one of the biggest projects in the history of my educational endeavors, with little to no knowledge on what I have to put together, I set out to seek the knower of all, bold to say it is the Instructions to life or the manual and cheat sheet of the young and seeking – Google.