So, I am Back!



I didn’t take a voluntary break, life caught up to me. I had a crazy May and June, no doubt I can’t believe its been a month since blogged! I had a small in pause in life and I had to shy away from the lens for a little with no further do, here is why I went silence for a while!

  1. My family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and I had to run the show, in simple words , I had to play GPS for 2 weeks.
  2. I had college prep stuff to do, like getting shots and checking for my grades while I ran pass the south hallways for sake of securing a spot!
  3. I had work and my schedule changed , yes who knew I would have a job and stuff!
  4. I needed time to be myself, like most people I still need a vacation, hopefully I can get one before this summer ends!


Life is way more interesting when you live it!- well wait ….. life is also good when you don’t have any bills to pay!, I have gone from mini bills to huge bills in the space of 2 weeks, crazy thing about not living with your parents is the idea that you can never turn back, and even if they offered to take you back, you couldn’t show weaknesses – lol

I’m not sobbing though, I just hate these bills! So yeah, that my life now, I can’t deny I am tempted to misuse this new-found freedom, I am looking at myself in the mirror and I cant help but throw a high-low smirk like The Rock, I just feel so badass all the time! my fashion sense has gone from ‘mom doesn’t like that, to mom cant see you honey!


I ran out of pictures don’t judge me!

I haven’t taken a crisp picture in like a million years! and anyone who knows me , knows I like to be clean saucy at least 85% of the time, unless I am home and society has me on the borders of exhausted and dead!


so yeah I am done! see you on my next post!!

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