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ITS TRUELY HARD BUT GUESS WHAT I CLEARLY MAKE IT LOOK EASY! (Joke) -I look like a crackhead with high hopes and dreams – pun

I played myself though, I have to admit, I slacked on all the work I could get!, I skipped every class, I came late to school every day, and yes I didn’t do my homework, I mean what high school student will not testify to the fact that homework is some distant form of corporal punishment. I

almost didn’t graduate, I had to run to my teacher and beg fam! Do you know what begging is? because I made up the biggest tale of sorrow and some old age African lie ” I don’t speak English sir” , to my surprise I actually got redemption! Lmao.


Slight Change of plans and I wasn’t Ready!

so like any senior, graduation day is major deal, its like the last day you will ever be a “kid” legally. I feel like the moment took more of an effect when I realized I caught actually be charged with criminal charges and I would have jail time for something. With little to no preparation, I was about to face the biggest war of my life and I decided to carry a water gun!


My Highs and extreme Lows.

In the words of the great Lana Del Ray – they telling everything is fine, but I feel as if I am dead .

That one sentence gives the image of me when I saw my grade average! It hurt my emotions so deeply each time I saw that “E” , but like a true Teenager, I cheated my way to a very high “C” which isn’t my highest but who cares! Grades are just an illusion to get your head off the price, right! Or so I thought until my GPA was low enough I couldn’t even speak of the numbers in public! Oh the days of fire! I have to admit, I don’t miss school even one bit!


I feel like This Is my ” New Years Eve” again.

I felt euphoric walking across that stage! I felt like Jesus sprinkled some Good old success and with a tint of blessings on my head! My vibe was high, I couldn’t stop smiling, all my baby teeth were out for the world to see! Who cared! I was Young, wild and finally Free!


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