Choker Haul

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Whoever said this trend will ever die, clearly lied, straight out of the 90’s chokers have stood the test of time and are still being worn. Now more than ever there are a variety of styles to choose from, from chains to some basic strings or even rose metals. It’s like a candy store for grown women


The old, the new and the Fancy!

Some chokers are basic like the net choker from the 2000s that raved with the gothic communities , then it went into the crazy new York fashion scene, my mom says she wore it and she thinks its funny how I crave the same style , seems like we can find new planets but we can’t replace the basic net choker!IMG_4158

Ties or Choker Ties?

I have to admit , the styles and models of chokers have changed from store to store, my favorite has to be this 2 piece from Rue21, they blended the nude well with the silver accents on the very tip of the strings.IMG_4159

Real Gold, Fake Gold or Rose Gold? Who cares!

So if you like metals then this trend is for you, Versace has had gold chokers with thick chains for ages, sadly they never trended as much till lately, find your pick and settle. As for me I will invest in the forever21 version of real gold.IMG_4165.JPG


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