Late Night Thoughts.

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IMG_3957.JPG  So I’m awake.

For the first time I am not in a fearful place in my mind, I can finally embrace “myself”. I just finished doing one of the biggest projects in the history of my educational endeavors, with little to no knowledge on what I have to put together, I set out to seek the knower of all, bold to say it is the Instructions to life or the manual and cheat sheet of the young and seeking – Google.

I just completed a major assignment and all I did was observe and reinterpret the information, in my defense my teacher didn’t mention that I couldn’t search the answers .With every new battle comes a loop-hole “smirks and pats self”

So days like these I remember that I am “normal” like every young teen, before the blog or the YouTube channel, before the content creating photography gigs , I am still an average B+ student (very proud I might add).IMG_3964 I same the same issues like most teens on earth, I still worry about grades and what highlighter I should use for a certain class. Just today I was on the phone with Jean Paul and I forgot what my locker combination was, Yes I had this locker for about a year. Things like that make me want to smile back at life and say ” I am just a beetroot and I clearly have issues”

Yes I have chipped nail polish and I could fix them but I’m waste my time on Netflix , so yeah that’s my life, no major accomplishments to fiddle about yet, except that I have finally realized I am normal and teachers don’t give the ”bloggers special” with a free pass to not come to class and still pass.





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