Fighting and Fate in Relationships

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Let time teach the Lesson.

I have to Take Jean Paul as a major example , we have major disagreements on matters that can easily be spoken over. We spent months not talking because we felt like we needed to preserve our pride and swallow our words. I have to admit, I am the reason we have falling outs. He is the quiet type, very little bothers him and I have to admit that I like to push his bottoms.

But as soon as  we have an argument, we just stop talking and we take a moment away from each other, whoever knew silence can mend friendships and relationships. The time we took away from each taught us to appreciate ourselves as separate entities.


Missing them Is completely Natural.

So nobody likes to miss anyone, and we hate the feeling of weakness and self-pity when we cant get the same attention from a certain person and it hurts but time apart will help you discover what the matter really is. If you are a conscious human being than you must reflect back why you have that problem, like math problems, life must be analyzed and solved. No one is perfect , so there is no need to crucify someone for something that you can do as well.

Being blind and noticing some else’s mistakes makes you just as bad as them. You choose your pride over peace , so you walk away and let the matter resolve itself, for many the problem never goes away, in my case I was one of the lucky ones who was given a second chance by life to rectify my mistakes, but what if your out of chances and you have to do things the old-fashioned way, by talking face to face, no texts, tweets or weird snap chat, messages that last 10 seconds. So yeah, maybe you have to stop missing them a little bit and start REFLECTING on life, so you can work on winning back the peace


Maybe it’s YOU, but THEM.

I had an ex boyfriend who hurt me so much that I couldn’t look at men the same, but after a lot of reflection on our relationship I realized they hurt me because they didn’t know any better and if he had the chance to fix what had happened then he would fix it.

So what I want you to take from that is : people fight battles everyday and they may not know what they are doing to you until you voice yourself, blaming yourself and putting others needs above yours is natures way for us. So sometimes people have to learn from your silence, they have to appreciate your space . Once they see that your great without them, the begin to question why and how they hurt you. No man nor woman is able to escape the allure of a clear conscious. They may need time away from you, so that they can solve their issues.


Let them Go , if they come back then its FATE.

Sometimes the time is not right, and you’re pushing and pulling too soon. I remember sitting in the car with Jean Paul and he looked at me and ushered ” sometimes you have to let the person go, so that they can realize what they are doing wrong, and your job is be happy and show them how they should have treated you” . I realized after a while that FATE plays a large part in our futures, if someone is meant to be in your life then you wont have to do much to keep them, they will boomerang back to you. Your job is to stay happy by attracting the right positive energy. Keep your mind and heart clear and let them go, if it is meant to be, then guess what? they will COME BACK TO YOU.




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