Travelling Is Good For You!


Find out what where is your ‘Soul’

Many of us can relate to the fact that you went to a certain place and ended up dreading it, the truth to the matter is that you can’t find your soul in places that don’t connect to you, maybe you’re a outdoors person and you like to walk and breathe and maybe you’re the type of person that likes to be surrounded by lights and sirens, so find out and embark!


I can’t stay to long in the sun!

I tried to stay out enjoy the sun rays but my inner Caucasian was like ” no sister, your melanin count is weak today” so if your like me, then Vegas and New Orleans Bourbon street s for you! I like the idea of walking down a street and just smelling different cultures, and smelling the alcohol and vomit on the streets just gives me life, I like the noise of taxis and the buzz of freshly made coffee.

Here are some pictures from my birthday last ear in New Orleans.


Bourbon Street made me find myself.

I was under the impression that I was going to get drunk and mad lit when I get into the street, but the moment I got there , I realized that I was not as crazy as the rest of the world. I was not the heavy drinker that I wanted to be, and I was not the pole dancer my friends wanted to make me become, so yes travelling can make you learn about your limits and your safe zones. From just simple reflections on your personality to deep introspections on your actions.IMG_1642IMG_1708IMG_1644

So In order to learn about yourself, you must learn to adapt in a new setting , with new surroundings and fresh walls to paint in your life.

So travel my Lovely humans, there is so much to get experienced out there, there are memories that need to be made , plus who knows what you will find out about yourself!

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