Head wrap or Nah?

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I tried a Head Wrap and I Loved it!

Being African and all, I had to try the head wrap, and yes , it felt great! I was just in the best phase, I felt the honor and respect just flow on top of my head. I have to admit I had a hard time finding a way to tie it, but 10 minutes later I managed to make it stop falling flat on my face, I felt like a true lady in this wrap.


IMG_3698I feel like I want to wear more of them and just flourish in this trend. I got some great feed back from all my people and I felt like I finally just hit that phase where my hair was not the center piece of the picture, being a natural , this wrap is good for you, it saves your from having to transition in-between hairstyles, plus it saves you some serious time!IMG_3691.JPG

My highlight deserved its own spot!, well I could blend my make up better but then again, I like the simple things in life, the extra beat is too much effort, but besides my serious infatuation with highlighters, I have to say head wraps are pretty Lit.





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